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Orland Mobile Stoves started with a bunch of freezing kids in the Swedish woods. Our kids, that is. Our family have always enjoyed wandering, living to get lost in nature, beautiful sceneries and calmness. But forest life doesn’t always agree with children. Granted, they love being outdoors, but they also tend to get cold, wet and home sick long before the adults. But what if we had a nice warm tent to come home to after a long hike? A place to dry our clothes, snuggle up under warm, dry blankets, maybe even cook some dinner and just play board games all night? Our dream of a mobile stove was lit. We couldn’t possibly be the only ‘crazy people’ in need of such a thing, could we?

The list of requirements for our new family stove was long. We wanted to bring the bonfire experience inside the tent, so we needed glass. Lots of glass. The stove needed to burn the wood clean and efficiently, and the whole thing had to be easy to bring and safe to use. We also dreamed of a stove that could be used for cooking and of course the aesthetics needed to be on point. So, with all these design dogmas in place, we started to build the very first Orland Stove in 2012, in a bathtub on the kitchen floor of our third-floor apartment in Copenhagen.

And now, numerous tests, prototypes and experiences later, here we are. Orland Mobile Stoves are in production. After scouting European manufacturing facilities, we’ve found the company that matches the quality and price level, we’re looking for, and today, Orland Mobile Stoves can be purchased from many great distributors around the world and right here on

It’s been such a fascinating and educational journey, and we’re pleased and proud to say that Orland Mobile Stoves are, without comparison, the cosiest, most versatile, environmentally friendly mobile stoves on the market.

And the kids? They’re well. Since our first creation in the bathtub back in 2012, we’ve had nothing but warm, dry socks and great experiences in beautiful, Wi-Fi free zones all around Scandinavia.

We hope that Orland Mobile Stoves will help pave the way to lots of warm, cosy, quality time for adventurers all around the world.


It takes 6 minutes to install your stove
3 minutes to take it down
Weight: 15-18 kilos, comes in a practical portable box

Most countries prefer controlled fires compared to open bonfires. In an Orland Mobile Stove, you can control and regulate the fire – at the beach, in the woods or in the garden.

Always comply with the specified distance requirements. Keep a watchful eye on the fire and do not go to sleep from a lit wood stove. Thanks to the chimney and the spark catcher, the stove leads all the burned air out of the tent. The same amount of air will then enter as fresh air, ensuring you a high ventilation – and a good, dry and healthy indoor climate.



- Since 2012 -


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